Client Feedback

“I had some serious dipping in my roof due to the weight of the tiles and the age of the house. When Chris came to have a look, he said they could fix it up. Well they certainly did, I cant believe how well it came up, the new roof looks a million bucks!”

Hannah, Bridgewater

“Well the gutters on the house weren’t flowing the right way, and rusting though in places, we got Felix Roofing to do the job and they did a great job, very neat, and they all flow towards the outlets. Chris suggested some quality gutter mesh, well I wasn’t sure at first, but Im glad we did now, at my age you don’t want to have to clean gutters, and with the trees around my house, that was pretty often before the mesh was installed.”

Colin, Mitcham

“We’ve used Felix Roofing for a number of years now, and never had a problem, always neat, and the guys are good to work with”

Alan, Builder